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My Journey of Perseverance, Sanjay Khan, IIMA, Class of 2024

When I started my preparation of getting into the top B-Schools of the country, I never would have imagined that I would land up in IIM Ahmedabad. But the universe has a funny way of making things work, as it took me four years and 5 attempts at CAT to reach IIMA after I graduated in 2018 from Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. Anyone reading this is advised to not go under the impression that this is what it takes to reach your dream B-School as you will find multiple examples of people clearing CAT and making into great colleges...

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A ‘not so’ dream run! – Satish Charjan, IIMA, Class of 2024

I am Satish Charjan and I am just as much an ambitious, aspiring person as any of you must be, Just like most of you, I grew up through multitudes of mindsets, ideas, plans and dreams. Just like most of you, I learnt the realities and logic of life in a hard and strong way. And just like you, I had to fight my own battle. It’s definitely not as hard as some of yours, or I definitely must not have attained the victory in the grandest fashion. But I ran in this race! And I have reached a...

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Farmer’s son, from village Bhauwar, Rewa to IIMK : My roller-coaster ride of learning – Vasu, class of 2024

I come from a small Village Bhauwar from Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh, and belong to a lower middle class farming family but my parents always encouraged us to aim high and try for the best. I started my schooling from a nearby town where I used to travel via public transportation with my brother. These schools were Hindi medium. Although, most of the teachers were not up to mark, I was always blessed with one or two teachers who used to show trust in me. I completed my 10th and 12th from these schools with 90+ percent which...

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Do not underestimate your abilities. Believe. Strive – Ayushman Mukherjee, IIMB Class of 2024

After months of work, mocks, interview prep and PIs, penning my story probably seems the hardest thing I’ve had to do so far. I guess the reason for that is me not knowing where to begin. A popular adage in India goes, “One first becomes an engineer and then decides what to do with their life.” This quote holds true for me in many different ways. In this B-school season, as we celebrate so many stories of success and hard work and overcoming the odds, I cannot help but look back. To me my CAT journey seems something out...

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My schooling has been in Gujarati medium; I made it to IIM Bangalore. You too can! – Omkumar Talaviya, Class of 2024

I worked as an operation engineer in Reliance industries limited since August 2019. During CoVID-19’s first wave, I came to my hometown (Surat) for teeth treatment. I sat with my close friend Sharad in the reception area and talked about random things. Till that moment, I was like IIM ABC was not my cup of tea because of my academic background from vernacular medium and fear of VARC. But Sharad told me, “why should not we take one chance?” Profile of Omkumar Talaviya School Sardar patel Vidhyabhavan Class X : 91.60% (Guj Medium) P P savani vidhyabhavan class XII...

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