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It’s IIMA : I have grown immensely through this challenging journey – Kishore Kumar, class of 2024!

One fine day, you wake up and are told that anytime today, you will receive the results of your hard work over the last one year and your aspirations of the last five years. That day, you really are glad that there is enough work on your plate to keep you distracted from what could be a life-altering moment. And you are finally distracted enough to not have overthought about the implications of the results. Eight hours later, a good soul enters your notif bar, with the message “IIMA out”. You stop doing everything and your heart pounds as...

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CAT in 60 days – GP Edition : My Journey to IIML – Sakshi Bhalla, Class of 2023

Posted by I was a practicing advocate, now I am a part of PGP37 at IIM Lucknow. With 2 months to prepare for CAT 2020, I scored 98.05 percentile. This is my CAT story; with emphasis on how I prepared for CAT because that shaped my CAT story. How it began In July 2020, I decided to pursue an MBA. Being a lawyer and not having touched maths in years, I assumed CAT 2020 would be impossible and my best shot at getting into a B School was giving the GRE and applying to ISB. With this in...

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Hard work will pay off, eventually – Deepthi, Class of 2023, IIMC

posted by When Sreeni Sir asked me to share my story, I thought that my story will not be inspiring to anyone, because all my past 4 years what I have seen is nothing but failure. I lost confidence in myself. But then, after that long interaction with Sreeni Sir, I realized, not only me, but there will also be so many people who are having gap years and must be having self-doubt of clearing CAT. I am sharing my story, so that, it can be of value to aspirants like me. Let me introduce myself. I am...

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Never Settle, for anything less – Sulaiman Qizilbash, Class of 2023, IIML

Posted by Never Settle, it may be the tagline of the One Plus Brand but has always been a core principle that I adhere to, a belief that I am good and I will get what is good and never settle for anything less. If there is a fight for getting to good, I will fight. This core principle comes from my early school life, Our school like every other school has four houses. St. Georges’ House with the motto, ‘In Honour Bound’. St. Andrews’ House with the motto, ‘In Honour Alone’. St. Patricks’ House with the motto,...

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Joka, Here I come – Kushagra Nigam, IIMC, Class of 2023

posted by It all began during college days when an introvert, entered IIEST, Shibpur with a dream of getting placed in a top IT company. But a dream without any plan is just a wish. I was completely mesmerized by the thought of going to college and living independently. This was my first time when I was going to live with no restrictions. I spent my first semester exploring and enjoying Kolkata with my friends. As a result, I got my first supple (failed) in Mathematics during my first semester. This failure hit me so hard because during...

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