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posted by I never thought that I will prepare for CAT till my 4th year of my graduation. I was so determined not to study anymore after preparing hard for engineering exams in 12th class. I guess that this is the same thing with majority of us especially with engineering students. But I guess things were supposed to be meant the other way round. The special thing about my story is that I made it to IIM K in my first ‘serious’ attempt. So, speaking about my past, I had been a studious one in my school and...

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The first and last time I am willingly going to hel(L) – Aditya Singh, Class of 2023, IIM Lucknow

Posted by I am Aditya Singh and I will be joining IIM Lucknow. (2021-23). This is my journey to Hel(L) It is 2018, and I am in the 3rd year of my engineering college pursuing a degree in computer science. By now the realization had dawned on me that I am not enjoying coding that much. So, what should I do after engineering? The answer is MBA. That is what comes naturally. But never thought about why MBA, as it involves introspection and the need to ask tough questions to myself. So, I joined CAT coaching in January...

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The Known Stranger – Vani Dayal Sharma, Class of 2023, IIMB

posted by Every time someone asks me to share my story or to introduce myself, I freeze a little. It’s incredibly difficult for me to open up and just tell people about myself. But when I realized there might be many people like me, I to finally give in and share my journey with you all. Because everyone needs to know that they are not alone and that it’s ok to be a quiet person. So, here goes nothing. I was born and brought up in a joint family of 7 people in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Since childhood, I had been an above...

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“If you put in hard work, it will pay off” – Aditya Himanshu, IIM Indore, Class of 2023

Posted by I don’t know where to start. But I will start with one line “There is a woman behind the success of a man,” in my case, I had two women behind my success. Let me start with my background, I come from a small village, Chakamajahid (many of you might not hear of), in Bihar. My grandfather and father used to work as a washerman. In my father’s family no one had even done his or her matriculation except my father. After the father and mother’s marriage, my mother asked him to leave the village and...

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Destiny takes you where you are meant to land – Poorva, XLRI, Class of 2023

Posted by Destiny takes you where you’re meant to land: My CAT journey only reaffirmed this belief. A bit about myself, I’m Poorva, meaning the wind that comes from east; and like the winds are calm and peaceful, I’m a calm and patient person for whom being at peace is the best state to be in. My interests and hobbies include skating, writing poetries, psychology, philosophy, listening to songs, adventure, and animals. Graduating from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Bcom honours Batch of 2021, I have been in a habit of defying the general norms, be it as...

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