I have been the guy talking the most for the last eight months. You have been a patient listener.  Now, it is my time to listen to you intently so that we, from CL, can make it better for the CAT 2013 takers.  To make it easier for you, let me count our journey through gpkafunda briefly.

Over the last 8 months, CL has offered over 70 webinars spread across various topics like Smart Quant Cracker, Smart DI Cracker, Mock Test & analysis sessions, Exam orientation sessions, actual paper analysis, GK sessions, institute specific sessions for GD & PI etc to help you prepare for various stages of the exam.

I had fun bringing these sessions to you along with my colleagues and fellow mentors at CL.  At this point in time, we wish to hear from you on how useful these sessions were for you and the value these sessions brought to your preparation. In a nutshell, we wish know what you have to say about these webinars.

This online student feedback survey has been designed to take your inputs and feedback ranging from the value these sessions brought to your preparation to what we must do more to improve these sessions. Your feedback will help us design sessions further and also help us evaluate the option of a structured online program to help students prepare for various MBA exams in the country.

There are 22 questions in the survey and this would take about 12 minutes to complete.  To access the online student feedback survey please click http://svy.mk/13Snevk