I am glad to share with you the success story of our students. Let’s see what our achiever has to say

Dear GP Sir and Gejo Sir

I am a student of Career Launcher’s PDP Personalized (Mumbai) for this academic year. I’m happy to inform you that I have been selected for the PGP at IIM Calcutta.

I would like to share my story with you. I didn’t take any formal coaching for CAT, naturally my performances in mocks were poor for a long time. I tried many things, materials, etc. which didn’t help in any way. It was frustrating and demotivating. This was a month and half to CAT.

Fortunately, at the end of this process I came across your blog (GP ka Funda). And that turned the tables within two weeks. I started using all the techniques prescribed, watched all the “How I gave Mock” videos and imitated your regime the best I could. My scores saw a mighty 50% jump which got me to the required bracket. I got a 99.88 in CAT 2014 and my first step after that was to join the CL PDP.

I have to mention here Sir that I have a miserably academic past, but that didn’t stop Gejo Sir in trusting and motivating me. I picked up all I could and honestly my strategy was always, “What would Gejo Sir do or say?” All my interviews were between very good and awesome and that’s just because of the mentorship I got.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything I achieved this year. It was not just CAT or interviews, but more about life lessons. I can safely say that this success is just because of my failed attempt to imitate the two of you to the best of my ability. Thanks again, have a nice day!

Warm Regards,
Neil Merchant