Dear Student,

It is a fact of life that the next goal is all-consuming for us in life. It is so overwhelming that we don’t see further. While that is an asset when in pursuit, it is equally important to move on when the outcomes are known! Life moves on. So should you. Reset your goals, re-program your mind, reschedule your calendar, re-habit yourself!


We would like to invite you to an orientation session on moving ahead from a B-school aspirant to being a B-school resident. It is a remarkable shift and you need to prepare well. Else, the zor ka jhatka zor se lagegaa! This session will pacify your anxiety and we will try and bring in the element of ‘dheere’ into it!

Don’t miss it for anything!

Date : 16 May 2015
Time : 3:00- 6:00pm
Venue : Embassy of The Russian Federation Cultural Department, 24, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001, Near Mandi House metro station.
Eligibility criteria– For student with final call from B-School. Entry to the seminar only on showing offer letter at the Venue.