Are you a first time CAT taker? Have you started your preparation for CAT 2016 just recently?

In this second and final part of the 150 Day strategy for first time CAT takers post series, I would suggest a preparation strategy for the first time CAT takers, recent starters who have started off just recently.

By Recent Starters, we mean those who have started their preparation recently or are planning to start their preparation soon. If you are one amongst them, then you have to realize that CAT can be cracked in four-five months, if the preparation is done with discipline, rigorous effort, and planning. The second thing is to understand the CAT exam format and the areas which are being tested.

Remember, your competition is not only with those who have started their preparation early but also with the repeaters. So, for you, time management is of utmost importance.

You need to set specific goals with deadlines.  You should aim to complete the entire course by mid-September.  Remember that Smart work is the order of the hour.

Suggested strategy for first time CAT takers, recent starters:

  1. Know the Exam: By knowing the exam, we mean knowing which topics are important and what kind of questions are asked. This would help you plan your studies with set deadlines. You may seek counselling from an expert to know more about the exam and start your preparation.
  2. Focus on Fundamentals: Read the part under the Early Starters. Remember, for you a tool like MBA on DEMAND could be very useful as you need to cover basics in a short span of time.
  3. Write Mock Tests: Again, similar to above, as a first time CAT taker strategy, recent starters, read and follow the mock taking pattern mentioned the part under the Early Starters.

To Summarize: Know the exam, plan your studies, focus on fundamentals, write and analyse the mock tests.

Wishing you luck for your CAT 2016 preparation!

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All the best
Siddharth Mehta
Career Launcher, Bhilai

About Siddharth:
Siddharth is an avid reader and a fitness freak.  From running a marathon to writing blogs, Siddharth is someone keen to explore his new talents. His passion for teaching can be felt in his positively charged classes and his informal interactions with his students to whom he is a mentor and a motivator.

Siddharth is an XLRI alumnus.