CAT 2016 Likely cutoff: Getting updated shortly
Structure similar to CAT 15.
The difficulty level of QA section is the key difference between CAT 2015 and CAT 2016.
QA – more difficult than last year. Approx 5 attempts less as compared to CAT 15. 22-25 is is a good attempt.
DILR slightly easy. Students could attempt 4 sets with ease. 14-16 is a good attempt.
Exerts say, good students could even go on to attempt 6 DILR sets.
Verbal section – Level of difficulty same as CAT 15. The section had 24 RC questions , 10 Verbal Logic (4 Para jumbles, 3 Odd statement, 3 Summary).  RC Passages were of Av  400-450 words. Approx 30 questions is a good attempt.
Over all 68-72 is a good attempt in CAT 16
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