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I don’t know where to start. But I will start with one line “There is a woman behind the success of a man,” in my case, I had two women behind my success.

Let me start with my background, I come from a small village, Chakamajahid (many of you might not hear of), in Bihar. My grandfather and father used to work as a washerman. In my father’s family no one had even done his or her matriculation except my father. After the father and mother’s marriage, my mother asked him to leave the village and go to the city for my studies. Now I can say that was the best decision of their life because I proved the decision worth it.

Since my family had financial constraints, they wanted me to focus on academics only. I was good at studying, so my family wanted their son to be an engineer that too from an IIT. While I was growing up, I never heard of IIM or MBA till my class 12th. I didn’t even know how many IITs were there and where because my surroundings were not like that. I always dreamt bigger.

When I cracked JEE in 2016, in my very first attempt, I took admission into IIT (ISM) Dhanbad in mining engineering. My schooling was not that great, so I faced many issues during my college in my first year as the medium of instruction was English. Even I failed, which was devastating because I never failed in my life, be it anything before that.

I was very poor at comprehension and speaking, which was troubling me during my college. I started watching TV series, and that improved my comprehension and speaking skills. Fast forward to my pre-final year, while I was doing intern, I came to know about MBA as one of the career options, and I decided to pursue it after having some work experience.

In my final year, I was too worried about the placements as the core companies were not visiting the campus, and then lockdown happened (the most horrible thing in my life). The fear of sitting jobless after graduating from an IIT was worrying me, and I felt like I failed in my life. We always say that having a girlfriend is a distraction, but I would say otherwise that having a good partner is worth it. That was when my girlfriend and my mother backed me, helped me overcome that fear, and then my CAT journey started.

I started my coaching from CL Night Class. I was good at QA, but DILR and VARC were a pain to me. Especially VARC, which was a nightmare to me as I was really poor at comprehending the passage. I was afraid of taking mocks as I knew I would get horrible marks in VARC and DILR. But I kept working hard, and there were many moments when I cried because even after putting in lots of hard work, I was not getting desired scores. Sometimes I felt like giving up, but my mother and Bhargavi always said, you can do it; I believe in you. A time came when my marks started increasing, and gradually I saw it growing, and the time came when I was getting my desired percentiles. But life is not fair, the pattern changed, and I felt like I am not made for CAT. However, after lots of courage and hard work, I managed to clear D-Day.

IIM Bangalore was my dream college, but I didn’t get calls from the holy trinity. I got calls from IIM Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode, Shillong, and CAP round.

I joined PDP-P for my interview preparation. GP sir was allotted to me as my mentor, and he helped me discover myself and helped me prepare not only my answer but also how to tackle the tricky or unprepared questions. Then came the interview days, my very first interview at B-School-IIM Lucknow. The interview was around my internship and my college work, and I did not understand how it went. Then came IIM Indore and Kozhikode’s interview, where I was asked about my academics and my views on a few other pointers.

Fast forward to results time, I could not convert IIM Lucknow, my best call, but I converted IIM Indore and will be joining it. Throughout the journey, I learned that if we put in hard work, it will pay off.

Last but not least, I want to thank the two women who are behind my success, and I am proud of having them in my life. I would like to thank Sreeni sir, for providing me this platform to share my MBA journey.


ADITYA HIMANSHU, Class of 2023, IIM Indore

Converts- IIM I, IIM S, waitlisted in IIM K, CAP Calls

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