If you’ve already taken the CAT, then it’s time you focused your energies on the other big exams – starting with the NMAT. Here’s a video analysis that we at CL had done for NMAT ’13-14. This should answer all your questions on what exam looks like this year. If you’re still to take the CAT, then watch this video after you’re done.

Speed remains the big challenge in this exam. A few things to keep in mind to get you out of the CAT mode:
1) You get a section order choice which means you get to decide what section to attempt first.
2) There is no negative marking in NMAT ’13 – make sure you attempt and mark all 120 questions. Leaving out any questions is criminal!
3) Since each section is timed separately, make sure you leave atleast 2-3 minutes in the end to review incomplete questions and even mark the answers to them randomly if it comes to that. Remember, there is no possibility of going back to a section once it is finished.
4) Mission accomplished if you can balance maximum attempts with reasonable accuracy while capitalizing on your strong areas in each section

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Watch the video analysis here.