IRMA 2013-15 admission test held today had 40 questions as part of the section on Issues of Social Concern.
These 40 questions with their answer are as follows:

Q 1 Which of the following organisation helps in establishing small scale industries?
Q 2 Statement of World Bank….. “ensuring that all people at all times have both physical and economic access to the basic food that they need”- What is this called?
Ans Food security
Q 3 What is the main objective of Public Distribution System?
Ans to provide subsidy in essential itmes like food grains, kerosene etc.
Q 4 Which policy is used to control Inflation ?  monetary policy
Ans   monetary policy
Q 5 Which of the following gives recommendation on revenue sharing between states?
Ans Finance Commission
Q 6 What is Sex ratio of India?
Ans 940
Q 7 Which State has the highest percentage of Scheduled Tribes in total population?
Ans Mizoram
Q 8 What is the main cause of high drop out rate in schools in rural areas?
Ans The choice that mentioned “Cropping Pattern” is the correct answer. The farmers are supported by theire families including school going children for farming.
Q 9 Which of the following determines the quality of life?
Ans Life expectancy
Q 10 Full form of FDI
Ans Foreign direct investment
Q 11 What is the objective of National population policy?
Q 12 Which of the following does not determine Human development Index?
Ans Migration rate from rural to urban area
Q 13 Human Development Report is published by which of the following organisation?
Q 14 By which year are the UNDP millenium goals to be achieved?
Ans 2015
Q 15 Which of the following is not a BIMARU state?
Ans Uttarakhand
Q 16 Alvin E. Roth, Lloyd S. Shapley have won which among the following awards?….
Ans Nobel prize in economics, 2012
Q 17 Which among the following country has joined WTO in 2012?……
Ans Russia
Q 18 11th Convention on Biological Diversity was held in …
Ans India
Q 19 Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana targets
Ans Below poverty line persons.
Q 20 12th five year plan encompasses years…..
Ans 2012-17
Q 21 Which of the following has helped farmers in Rajasthan?
Ans Indira Gandhi Canal
Q 22 Which of the following dams is located on Narmada River?
Ans Sardar Sarovar dam
Q 23 Which of the following scheme is not related with wage or self employment?….
Ans Mid-day meal.
Q 24 Which of the following is not a basic feature of India as developing economy?….
Ans Abundance of Skilled manpower
Q 25 Which of the following is a book of MS Swaminathan?-
Ans Towards a hunger free India
Q 26 Which of the following pension scheme is related with unorganised sector?…
Ans Swavalamban
Q 27 Which of the following country is largest producer of milk in the world?…..
Ans India
Q 28 Kudankulam was in news recently. It is a……
Ans nuclear power station site.
Q 29 Dr. Verghese Kurien is related with ……..
Ans Operation Flood
Q 30 Which of the following scheme is related to adolescent girls? …
Q 31 Which of the following organization gives funds to Self Help Groups?
Q 32 Which of the following is not related to money market?…..
Ans Indian gold council
Q 33 In case of liquidity crunch what step does Reserve Bank of India takes?
Ans Cut CRR and SLR rates.
Q 34 Fiscal policy of India is monitored by ………
Ans Finance Ministry
Q 35 What is purpose of Know your customer scheme?..
Ans to prevent money laundering
Q 36 Loan granted by banks to microfinance institutions comes under…..
Ans priority sector lending
Q 37 What do you mean by PPP? ….
Ans purchasing power parity
Q 38 The purpose of Kisan credit card…….
Ans to provide affordable credit for farmers in India
Q 39 Who among the following is associated with Green revolution?….
Ans M.S. Swaminathan
Q 40 Which of the following program aims to increase the self-reliance and autonomy of women by enhancing their productivity and enabling them to take up income generaion activities?
We hope you are able to score your section!!Stay tuned for the updates on other sections by my team.
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