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The Art of Solving Reading Comprehension for CAT

I am sure that your Mock experiences made you realize the importance of solving and practicing RC (Reading Comprehension) passages. And as discussed by GB in his article titled “CAT 2019- Reading Comprehension for CAT” this is an important topic for CAT and you cannot expect to get a good score in CAT without cracking Reading Comprehension. So, I thought of going a step further and share with you the secrets of solving RC passages and also getting a good score in Reading Comprehension in CAT and other MBA entrance exams. Towards the end of the article, you will...

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The Secret to Solving Inferential Questions in MBA entrances

Most students preparing for CAT, XAT or MBA entrances struggle with inferential questions. The logic of inferential questions is helpful in solving questions of para completion which is an important component of VRC section of CAT. From the questions that are pouring in about inferential based questions, I think I have my work cut out. I shall address inferential based questions in two parts. To be good in inferential based questions in MBA entrances, we will have to be good in Critical Reasoning. To be good in Critical Reasoning, we must be good in basics logic. Let me just...

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Four things you must never-ever do with an RC passage

In my previous article on RCs I discussed about How an RC Question is created. Getting an inisder’s perspective helps you understand what are the things that you should look at while solving an RC question in your CAT mocks. Every time I see the question- ‘what is the main purpose of the passage?’ follow an RC passage, I’ve felt that there should be an option ‘to confuse the reader’! To ease out some of the confusion, and make your life easier here are 4 cardinal rules you must follow at all times. Rule 1 : Never be a...

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How an RC question is created: The Insider’s Perspective

Know your enemy. RC passages are best fought like a war. You get into the mind of your opponent and from then on how to defeat him is only a matter of time. This is a tried and tested theory I subscribe to. Let me show you why! We will think like the question setter and actually create an RC question. MAKING OF AN RC In the last article, I wrote about the 3 traps that an RC setter lays for you in the VRC section. With CAT 2016 expected to get neutral, in terms of difficulty, for candidates...

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The 3 traps an RC passage setter lays for you…

Solving an RC passage is all about getting into the mind of the paper-setter.  After all what matters is the questions that follow the passage. More than what the author is trying to communicate; it is important what the question-setter is trying to ask! With IIM-Bangalore conducting CAT 2016, there anyway is a speculation that VRC would be slightly more challenging than last year. While the previous blog on RCs, “The Art of Solving RC Passages” discusses a general methodology of cracking the section, in this blog let us introspect further. Let us look at RC passages from the...

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