"Believe you can, you are halfway there" - IIM Achiever: Anusha Vajpayee, IIMC Class of 2023

IIM Achiever- Anusha talks about her CAT journey, issues faced and dreams for her future.

It tastes better, when you starve for it - IIM Achiever: Simran, IIMC, Class of 2023

Success is demanding but in the end worth it. After years of struggle to outperform herself, Simran talks about her CAT journey over the years and how she made it to the prestigious IIM-C.

Never ever give up! Give 100% even if you have only 1% chance! - IIM Achiever: Rahul, IIMB Class of 2023

It was a long journey with numerous setbacks. Rahul shares his CAT journey as he proudly joins the IIM-B Batch of 2023.

CAT or IIM is not the final steppingstone but just the beginning - Anivrat, not joining MDI/baby IIMs

Started with a vision and along the way found new perceptive with the help of his mentors and this helped to invigorate his vision and passion. Do not miss the footnote!

"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough." - Harish Tankala, IIMC, Class of 2023

Was it sheer talent? No, it was hardwork, determination and mentorship towards the right path that made all the difference and the result was – IIM Calcutta!