SNAP ’13 for admission to the 13 management institutes of Symbiosis International University (SIU) was easy to moderate in terms of level of difficulty. While Analytical & Logical Reasoning and QA, DI and DS were similar to SNAP ’12 in terms of difficulty level, the GK and Verbal Ability sections were more difficult.

One of the major changes in the paper pattern that was witnessed this year is that the section on Data Interpretation was a part of the Analytical and Logical Reasoning section and not the Quantitative, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency section despite the nomenclature. All in all, this year’s SIBM cutoff should be in the range of 102 to 105. We have provided detailed paper pattern, section wise analysis, topic wise difficulty level and expected cutoffs of top colleges in SNAP Exam Corner.

Along with the detailed analysis, the SNAP Exam Corner also features the SNAP’13 Score Calculator and the Percentile Predictor. Management institutes of SIU, this year, will shortlist candidates for the round of Personal Interview – Writing Ability Test (PI-WAT) based on their performance in the SNAP test & their Academic Profile score. The SNAP test score is scaled down to 40 while the Academic Profile Score is scaled down to 10. Effectively 80% weight would be given to your SNAP score and 20% to your APS. The score computed as a sum of 1 & 2 will be the total score and the percentile equivalent will be drawn on this score.

In our SNAP’13 Score Calculator, we have been able to reproduce 149 questions based on memory. In fact, thousands of our students discussed lots of questions with us and a few of these questions stumped our students apparently because of some errors in the questions themselves. One question from the General Awareness section could not be reproduced. Thus your SNAP score is scaled down to out of 40 from your score out of 179 marks. You are also asked to fill in your academic profile detail, which is then rated, and the score is scaled down to out of 10. The score computed as a sum of SNAP Score and Academic Profile will be the total score and percentile equivalent will be drawn on this basis.

The overall score (SNAP score and Academic Profile score) calculated using the data submitted by all of you will enable us to come out with fresh cutoffs by the end of the week. This will allow you to decide if you need to apply to any of the still open SNAP institutes.

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