The game of cracking CAT requires a good strategy. To develop a sound test-taking strategy one must do a few things after a mock CAT which have been documented in my previous post Things you must do after every mock CAT you take. Having said this, a consolidated preparation strategy is as important as a sound test-taking strategy. 70 days is sufficient time to analyze your strategy and ace CAT 2016.
My suggested strategy is as below:

1. Ideally, by this time, a student should have learnt and revised each and every concept that is supposed to be learnt. Going through the basic questions should have also been done along with that.

2. Solving the MCQ questions of the funda books is necessary as it would iron-out any conceptual deficiencies that might be there.

3. Any concepts that are still to be revised should be done within the last two weeks of September. One good way of making the best use of the remaining time could be to divide the 30 days of September into 10 chunks of 3 days each. One practice test each on DI, LR, RC and one test from different topics of VL and QA should be solved in the three days.

4. All through this while, a student must attempt at least one mock per week followed by a session of in-depth analysis and deep introspection. By the end of September, the student will be exposed to different types of questions from each of these topics.

5. Come October, the students should get cracking and should start attempting 2 mocks per week. Needless to say, analyzing the mocks within the same week is non-negotiable.

6. This would also be the right time to start solving previous year CAT questions (2000 to 2008). If the preparation is thorough, sailing through this previous year CAT questions will surely prove to be a great confidence booster.

7. For students taking NMAT, one CAT, and one NMAT mock every week would be the ideal strategy. Even for a student aspiring to be at an IIM, a solid preparation strategy for CAT should certainly include taking the NMAT and IIFT exams before CAT.

8. Starting from the last week of October, it’s advisable to attempt a few IIFT mocks. IIFT is an extremely volatile exam in terms of its structure. Cracking IIFT is the prime-product of adopting a good test-taking strategy. One week before the IIFT exam, the students must get back into the concept revision mode and should make sure that every trick and concept is at their finger-tips.

Remember, test taking strategy differs from person-to-person and 70 days is enough time to discover a strategy of your own and crack CAT.

Good luck!