As I turned on the ignition of my car on the crisp Sunday morning of 9th December to drive down to one of the biggest auditoriums in Delhi, my mind wandered back to September when I conducted the first ever online SQC (Smart Quant Cracker), and I felt the same excitement about conducting the first ever Smart Interview Cracker (SIC)!

Year after year as a lot of you eagerly ask me when do I plan to take the SQC (Smart Quant Cracker) session, I was excited about bringing double-delight to all you aspirants by introducing the SIC series! I would like to take all of you through the first ever SIC conducted.

Started from Delhi, the event was conducted at Shri Ram Centre auditorium in the heart of Delhi, Connaught Place. Scheduled to start at 10am, eager aspirants started filling the auditorium seats as soon as the entry gates were opened fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled time, and the auditorium was jam-packed with 400+ students even before the session could begin. I shared the basics of interview process to begin with, and gradually moved on to the specifics of frequently-asked-questions and their stereotypical answers given by students. Clearly marking the fine line between do’s and don’ts in an interview, the session elicited a lot of participation from the enthusiastic audience. I saw a similar lively atmosphere at the second SIC venue later that day at the Karnataka Sangh auditorium in South Delhi.

We also managed to capture testimonials of a few students as they were leaving the premises in Delhi. You can view those testimonial videos on CL’s Facebook page (

You can view the pictures in the SIC album on CL’s FB page (

I am looking forward to taking SIC to as many cities as we can, and also looking forward to interacting with you in your city, helping you prepare for the second hurdle towards the race for your dream B-school. You have done all the hard work. Its time you make it count! Watch this space for updates on SIC!

All the best