Ever since Niraj, Gejo and I started taking webinars for CAT’12, there have been regular demands from students for a full fledged CAT/MBA entrance preparation program built around our way of handling the paper. In this world of specialization, the three of us (and many others in CL) are not subject experts but CAT experts and while each one of us has a favourite area but we are equally comfortable in handling almost all parts of CAT. Our holistic approach along with the ability to use common sense methods for solving questions (of all areas) and use of choices to solve seemingly difficult questions seems to have stuck a chord with CAT aspirants

When I prepared for CAT, my preparation consisted of 20 Full Length Tests over a period of 4 weeks. A typical day for me would mean taking a test and then analyzing my performance in detail, as given in my blog-post Things you must-do after every mock you take. So a 3 hour paper required 6 hours for analysis and another 2 hours for revision. Identification of Important questions for revision and checking if I had missed out on any easy questions was the focus of my analysis. Refer to my blog-post – Are you choosing the right questions in your Mock CATs?. This helped me in the following ways:

  1. I was preparing only those topics or type of questions that had a chance of appearing in CAT.
  2. My focus was to understand the way of solving questions and not the theory behind the solution. Application of the concept was more important rather than the concept.
  3. I was continually identifying the question types that I should definitely attempt or leave so my question selection in the paper improved.
  4. Because I was working only with MCQs, I had sufficient practice of using choices and unconventional methods to get the answer.

The Smart CAT Cracker is designed on the above principles with a focus on CAT and other MBA entrances. Its key features are:

No high funda concepts or theorems
I am never tired of saying this to CAT/MBA aspirants: CAT and all other MBA entrance test check Maths and English of class X. If the question requires some high-funda, then either you have not understood the question or it is unlikely to come in CAT.

In Smart CAT Cracker, no attempt has been made to prove our knowledge (and waste your time) by including questions/topics that are beyond the scope and level of the CAT. The topics are sharp and guided by the trend of the tests from the last few years. Practically all the questions in this program are from past CAT, XAT, FMS and JMET papers.

From Questions to Fundas and Choices to answer
I believe that the best way to learn the CAT related funda is to travel from questions to the funda and not spend too many hours learning all the theory first. Excessive theory tends to scare/confuse most of us but when we can see the application of theory in a question it is easy to understand. We have also, as usual, explained how choices are to be used in solving questions.

So, in Smart CAT Cracker I have focused on taking a problem, solving it and going back to revise the funda (if any) in a few minutes.

Learn from the Experts, Anytime, Anywhere
Smart CAT Cracker delivers the entire program at home or at work, into the device of your choice, and also brings the senior most faculties of CL (and of aptitude testing) to you. This will be you personalized CAT preparation program in the comfort of your home. I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as our beta volunteers.

Designed and Vetted by Students
Over the last few months, a large number of students have contributed to the development of Smart CAT Cracker, from ideation to fine tuning the design. Some of these students had cracked CAT last year or missed it by a whisker. Many students are currently going through this program for their CAT preparation. These students gave us valuable inputs about making the program smart and insightful.

Flexible Program Design
One size fits all is passé. You can build the program that you are keen to have. Smart CAT Cracker helps you focus on the areas that you think you need to strengthen. It means you can enroll for only the Quant Cracker or Verbal Cracker or any other component individually. Of course, many of you might want to enroll for the entire program, which is available too.

The Trial Room is open:
I am delighted to share with you that we have created the opportunity for every CAT aspirant to experience Smart CAT Cracker in a ‘free trial room’. All you need to do is to click on the URL below and go through the trial sessions free of cost. Hopefully, you will find them good enough to not just give me your feedback but make it your vehicle to crack CAT this year and find your way to a top B-school including the IIM.

All the best for your CAT preparation.